Sometimes life is a puzzle...

We offer programs and courses
that will help you achieve a richer,
more fulfilling life.

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Through classes at CLU, discover new ways of thinking, new ways of being, new ways of expressing your life.

Discover your inner light.

Open a world of learning...

This is our invitation to explore the wondrous, abundant life
you were created to live, fulfill your purpose and
be all that you can possibly be!


We are Taking a Break for the Summer!

Classes will be back in September 2017. Please check in August for updates and new class schedules.

"The instructors at Creative Living University consistently create gentle, loving and safe environments in which to expand consciousness. They seem to honor and accept each student’s experience wherever he or she may be and support us all in our growth with great discussions, activities and materials."

"Wow! This class was a knock out. My new found trust in myself was an added bonus."

“Sometimes the in-class activities are a stretch, but I need to stretch! With every class, I learn, I love, I grow!”

“In the classes at Creative Living University I have been taken on the ride of my life and now I don’t want to get off. Thank you so much.”


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